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Misunderstandings that are frequently encountered regarding juice cleanses.

Are you looking for a natural cleanse in Ottawa? Look no further than SmoothieLabOttawa! We offer organic detox in Ottawa with our line of cold-pressed juices. But before you try a juice cleanse, there are some common misconceptions we want to clear up.

Ottawa juice cleanse

Misconceptions About Juice Cleanses

Firstly, you might be worried that you will be starving throughout your juice cleanse. However, our juice cleanses provide your digestive organs with a much-needed break while still satisfying your hunger. With six juices per day, scheduled every two hours, you'll feel full and satisfied. But if you need a little something extra, we recommend a light salad, vegan soup, or incorporating fruits and vegetables into your juices.

Another common misconception is that juice cleanses are too difficult to stick to. But we've made it easy for you! Our combination of juices are curated to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout your cleanse. Plus, every cleanse comes with a printed guide on how to get the most out of your experience.

Some people worry about the high sugar content in cold-pressed juices, but the natural sugars found in fruits are much easier for our bodies to metabolize than processed or refined sugars. Our cold-pressed juices have no added sugar - any sweetness is 100% natural.

Taking the First Step Towards Better Health with a Juice Cleanse

If you're looking for a natural cleanse in Ottawa, consider SmoothieLabOttawa. We make it easy for you to start your journey to better health with our pre-made juice cleanses. Just pick your cleanse, choose a shipment date, and follow the guide found in your box. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, so once you're finished with your cleanse, you can recycle or compost the packaging. Don't forget to share your cleansing journey with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging us!


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