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Organic Cleanse Program "Basic".

18 Freshest Organic Cold-Pressed Juices. All juices are prepared on the day of delivery.
The easiest and most delicious way on the path to healthy conscious nourishment. Lightness and energy of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. Gentle cleansing of the body, elimination of toxins and neutralization of free radicals, saturating the body with necessary vitamins, minerals, macro and microelements, improving the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system, improving metabolism and removing excess fluid from the body. Result: gentle cleansing of the body from wastes and toxins, normalization of metabolism, improving the quality of life.

Consume the juices in the order provided below:

Cucumber, tomato, celery

2. JOY
Mango, apricot, orange

Grapefruit, orange, lemon

Carrot, beet, orange, ginger

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, lime

Kiwi, grapefruit, honey

Kiwi, grapefruit, honey

- No preservatives
- No food coloring
- No sugar
- No water
Only fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

If any juice does not suit you, we can replace it with any other at no extra charge.

Just let us know in the comments to the order.

During the cleanse day you have to drink 2-2.5 liters of pure water.


1. In the evening before cleanse afternoon have a light dinner

2. Start the morning with a glass of warm water, 30 minutes after that drink a bottle of juice number 1.

3. Then, every two and a half hours, drink a bottle of juice in order in accordance with the numbers on the lid.

4. Drink clean water between juice drinks

5. If it will be difficult for you to stay without food - eat a small portion of salad without dressing.

6. If you can’t do without coffee you can drink 1 cup during the day, but without milk and sugar.

7. If your cleanse day coincides with your schedule of visiting the gym, refrain from strength training, do yoga or cardio loads.

8. If you have such an opportunity, go to the sauna or hammam during the cleanse day.

9. In the evening, before going to bed a walk in the fresh air is recommended.

* carefully read the ingredients of the juices before undergoing a cleanse program, if you have an allergy, let us know and we will adjust the program for you individually.

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